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Tags: g scan 2 scanner, obd2, jlr sdd, giapponese scan tool, STRUMENTO DI SCANSIONE, sensitività diagnost strumento, auto motore del lettore di codice di errore, Auto strumento di riparazione, codice a barre di scansione, foxwel.

  • Aggiornamento Software: Sì
  • La Versione Del Software: 1.5 +
  • Versione Hardware: 3.0
  • Tipo Di Elemento: Lettori Di Codice A & Strumenti Di Ricerca
I did not even think that Diagnostics with this baby will be so simple. I ordered for Deu Nexia, the connector came up without problems. There was a problem with the unstable operation of the engine (before the service to go as if not near, so I decided to order scan). All parameters go to the phone (can not only give out errors). I was shown that the oxygen sensor is not working correctly. Changed and the car went.
The goods came quickly, in working order. Without problems, I connected to Honda Accord for 16 years. For such a price, a find. Easily connects to iOS 3 phone. dropped all errors. Quickly and qualitatively diagnostics the auto, the ability to reset errors, readings of sensors/pressure/temperature and so on. Pointed to the mistake in the 4th cylinder, after the replacement began to work correctly.
Axnlton Simchuk
I came quickly, in a week. The courier delivered to the apartment. Everything works. Recommend.
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