MUSES02 CCR HiEnd Made in Japan di alta fedeltà Doppio amplificatore operazionale


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Tags: ad797 dual adattatore, diffusori hiend, hiend, amplificatore ad alta potenza, amplificatore sma, muses01, kaisaya hifi, muses02, dac per cuffie opa1622, irfp460.

Progetto MUSES01 MUSES02

Tensione di funzionamento: Vopr= ±9V ~ ±16V Vopr= ±3.5 V ~ ±16V

A basso rumore: 9.5 nV/√Hz tip. @f=1KHz 4.5 nV/√Hz

Ingresso tensione di offset: VIO= 0.8 mV tip. 5mV max VIO= 0.3 mV tip. 3 mv max

Corrente di polarizzazione di ingresso: IB= 200pA tip. 800pA max. @Ta=25°C IB= 100nA tip. 500nA max. @Ta=25°C

Guadagno di tensione Av=105 db typ Av=110dB tip

Tensione di tasso di conversione: SR=12V/µs tip SR=5 V/µs tip

  • Compatibile Con Apparecchi Audio E Video In Stile: Amplificatore
  • Origine: JP(Origine)
  • Marca: ZUIDID
Oh muses 02 delivery fast. Immediately she was put into the tembroblock of the preamp Tensai Akai 2500. I heard the difference better. Low frequencies are better. Transparency in music has become better. Clearly not worse than it was. Watching the chip under the magnifier can be seen partially under the coating of the legs flashing copper. That is, copper legs are covered with something possible silver. I'm not special about authenticity but I think that Oh original. Down at the bottom are two letters. Forgot what. In general, the sound became better. I hope it still needs time. So in a simple pre-amplifier it sounds. Thank you seller. Satisfied.
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