ISDT Q6 Nano BattGo 200W 8A Colorato Tasca Equilibrio Caricabatteria Adattatore di Alimentazione per 1-6S Lipo Batteria


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Tags: isdt q6 plus, Batteria 2s lipo, caricabatterie lipo, Batteria 2s, genio caricabatterie lipo, miniatura lipol batteria, lipo 2 6s, lifo caricatore dell'equilibrio, caricabatterie isdt, 6s batteria lipo.

Specificazione: Tensione in Ingresso: CC 10-30V Corrente d'Ingresso Max: 9A Tensione in Uscita: DC 1-30V Corrente di Carica: 0,1 A-8.0 Una Corrente di Scarica: 0,1 A-1.0 A Max Capacità di Carica: 200 w Max Capacità di Scarico: 10W Saldo Corrente: 0,5 A/Cella Max Bilanciamento Celle: 2-6S Colore: Bianco Supporto della Batteria: la Vita,il Leone,LiPo,LiHV:1-6S Pb: 1-12S NiMH: 1-16S Display: 1.5" 240 X 240 IPS LCD Risoluzione: 72x72x32mm Peso: 120g Confezione incluso: 1 X ISDT Q6 Nano Caricabatterie

Adattatore di alimentazione Descrizione : Modello: EADP-120GRA di Ingresso: 100-240 V, 2.6 A, 50-60Hz Uscita: 12V 10A Applica per: ISDT Caricabatterie

  • Strumento Di Forniture: Assemblato classe
  • RC, Ricambi e Acc: Batterie LiPo
  • Telecomando Periferiche/Dispositivi Di: Telecomando
  • Per Il Tipo Di Veicolo: Aerei
  • Parti Di Aggiornamento/Accessori: Adattatore
  • Numero Di Modello: Q6 Nano
  • Quattro ruote motrici Attributi: Assemblaggio
  • Materiale: Materiale Composito
  • Origine: CN(Origine)
I orderd the item on 11.11 with the big discount. the items newer came the seler probobly newer sended them. the disput was aproved but i didnt get the postige back. i don't recomend this seler!!!
Ulashka 2007
Everything is according to the description. Well packed. Well balancing. I recommend the seller.
All OK but like all have middle button problems
Chat 665
Charges!)) management is a little strange with one button, but you need to catch up. To confirm-you need to be sure to press down. As for me, if you try to precisely press the central button-then nothing will come out-it will be either down or up, and very rarely-in the center. And if you are sure to press down, then the confirmation works. Fed from 12 V power supply server. Like norms)) shows resistance to banks only in charging mode. It came quickly. Includes a protective hard film separately. But I did not even shoot a complete protective.
Igor Uzhgorod
To Moscow in 3 weeks. 3 stars for problems at customs. The goods have slowed Tanais Express Customs. We sent a letter to send them a photo of the passport. If I don't send it, VAR will leave for China. I'm gonna send a photo of a passport to every kid. I sent them a screen with the order number and the owner's name on the site. Wrote that they can send the goods back and many non-negotiable vocabulary. And about the miracle goods in 2 days I received in Pyaterochka. Do not buy goods with fast delivery (there will be problems). On the goods. The charger was in the popyrko-envelope. The charger itself was tightened into a factory film. Nothing got hurt on the way. The charger did not include. There is nothing to connect to and nothing to charge (everything goes from China).
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