Ensemble Stelle Mikejima Madara Cosplay, Carnevale, Costume Di Halloween, Costume Di Natale


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Tags: cosplay madara, ensemble stelle anime poster, miss fortune star tutore prop, scene, madara uchiha, pripara, ensemble stelle cavalieri bambola, future stelle peluche, arashi narukami, madara uchiha cosplay.

Il Costume include:giacca a vento cappotto camicia pantaloni cintura ornamenti guanto cravatta

  • Tipo Di Fonte Di: anime
  • Nome Reparto: Adulto
  • Materiale: Miscela Di Cotone
  • Numero Di Modello: JLF-091402
  • Caratteri: Mikejima Madara
  • Componenti: Giacche
  • Marca: cosersuki
  • Genere: Unisex
  • Origine: CN(Origine)
  • Tipo Di Elemento: Set
  • Uso Speciale: Costumi
Looks like the pictures! bought custom made and everything fit! (some parts was abit big on me but I'm kinda tiny so.. I'm used to it! ) the only problems I saw with the costume is that the button sleeves on the shirt was too small, (easy fix with a scissor and a sewing machine) and the white strip on the tie was too short! But then again easy fix if you but more white strips for it! The harness was also abit painful because it wanted to slide off! But if you use some buttons or velcro, then the bad boy won't slide off!! Seller was nice but was kinda pushy for me to buy the product! (it's alright tho, it was all because of the holiday season!) don't mind how the tie looks on the third slide,, I have two cosplays under this one and the product came way earlier than expected! I would totally buy from them again! ☆
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